[CH] top entry coin selector

[CH] top entry coin selector

Model No.︰CH-198T

Brand Name︰Chowhe Electronics

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description

Model No.: KAI-198T




1. Select coin based on Diameter, Thickness & Metal content;

2. 3 ways adjustable Triggering Pulse Duration of Timer Switch;

3. VR tuning&Sensitivity Switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs&improper coins;

4. Inhibit Iput line for option of vendings&prize games;

5. Allow to connect Counter Meter.

6. Inhibit Line enable accept command from Host Machine.




Coin diameer: 23mm-28mm

Coin thickness: 1.2-2.1mm

Work Voltage: DC12V (+/- 20%)

Temperature: -15C ~ +75C




1. CPU Coin Drop Speed & Timing Preset by Sequential Sensors;

2. Against Unusual Stay/Reverse Draw/Technical Stringing;

Payment Terms︰ T/T papal , western union