[CH] CPU coin selector , coin acceptor

[CH] CPU coin selector , coin acceptor

Model No.︰KAI-638

Brand Name︰Chowhe Electronics

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰30 pc

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Product Description

CPU coin selector 


CPU Coin Selector

Front Entry electronic coin selector

for all kind of coins.

CPU Anti-string Programs Electronic Coin Equalizer

Capable for accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens.

Mechanism—Link with coin reject bar , Flush Clean from coin jam.


CPU coin rolling down speed and timming presetting by directional accept sensors.

Invalidate against unusual stay , Reverse Draw, String Skip, Technical Fishing.


Select coin based on Diameter, Thickness and Metal content.

Switch of Normal Open and Normal Close for signal output of coin validation.

3 ways adjustable triggering Pulse Duration of Timer Switch.

VR tuning and sensitivity switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs and improper coins.

allows to connect Counter Meter.



Use Guide


Voltage: DC+12V

Coin Diameter: 18mm~31mm

Coin Thickness: 1.2mm~3.1mm


1.     Replace yellow plastic token to the correct coin as wish to accept in sampling clamp.

2.     Adjust entry slot opening to your coin size by loosening screw on the back of metal panel for blocking bigger invalid coin from inserting.

3.     Turn the screw on front lid in clockwise direction for ditching “thinner coin” through the slot of lid if necessary.

4.     switch to Normal Open (N.O.) or Normal close (N.C) for signal output of coin validation upon Host requested .

5.     3 triggering TIMER SWITCH of Pulse Duration ,

Long duration of Pulse   :. 100ms

Common duration of Pulse : 50ms

Short duration of Pulse    :30ms

6.     VR tuning for tolerance of coin acceptance , turn clockwise for slack and anti-clockwise for precise acceptance.

7.     Shift sensitivity switch of coin acceptance downward to “special” to extend the range of discriminated ratio for twin metal coins or the coins in big tolerance.

Payment Terms︰ TT , paypal , western union.