coin acceptor to PC rs232 board

coin acceptor to PC rs232 board

Model No.︰CH-232

Brand Name︰Chowhe Electronics

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Product Description

 Pulse to RS232 board.


The CH-123 is an RS232 interface module for most models of coin acceptor products. The CH-232 has a built-in true RS232 port on its uplink communication port to interface with the serial port on a PC and a downlink port with inhibit line to interface with validators.


This interface is a three wire interface using a Transmit line (TXD), a receive line (RXD) and a

Common line. The Host machine is thought of as being the Master device. The CH-232 is the

slave device that responds only to the polls (or requests) from the Master.

In this polled system, the Master requests information from the CH-232 at a periodic rate. This

rate can be as fast as every 30 milliseconds .



Baud Rate: - 9600

Duplex: - Half Duplex

Character Format: 1 start and 1 stop bit,,8 data bits


Pulse chain, Pulse Mode

CH-232 has a pulse counter that can hold up to 261 pulses. Each pulse received from the

acceptor is treated as an individual event. Thus, in another word, if a $20 dollar bill is accepted

by a bill acceptor, 20 individual credits will be reported by the CH-232 in 20 consecutive

events in its uplink communication. If the number of pulses is larger than 261, and the system is

not polling fast enough to clear the stack, a stack overflow situation will occur. In such a case,

the CH-232 will output the inhibit to Lock the coin se

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